Summary of Mindfulness Student Assembly

“Freedom Within” Mindfulness Assembly 2/1/22

with Brian Chevalier

Our assembly was jam-packed with information, interspersed with four songs and sign language to reinforce the learnings and keep things energetic!

Here’s what the kids learned:

What is mindfulness? Focusing on one thing, letting everything else go, being present in the moment instead of worrying about the past or the future.

Things you can do if you’re feeling nervous or upset:

-Focus on how you can help other people, instead of focusing on yourself

-Do a mindful activity: play with Legos, read, draw, go for a walk and pay attention to your senses for a few minutes. What do you see, feel, smell?

-To help you sleep, read a book, then lay and breathe or lay and visualize a calm, relaxing place. Sometimes you have to work at it, and keep bringing your mind back to your senses- what do you feel, smell, hear?
o Focus on impermanence if something/someone is bothering you- first see if you need to stand up for yourself or take action, but also think about how time is going to pass, it will be behind you, it is not permanent

-Meditative breathing/cleansing breaths -close your eyes and breathe in through your nose, then breathe out through your mouth to a count of five (repeat)- focus on your breathing and your senses- how you see, hear, feel.

-Think about what are grateful for. What you do have vs what you don’t have. Attitude is gratitude!

-You can be mindful doing anything, anywhere. Ex: when eating, pay attention to texture and taste.

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