GPS: Parenting in the New Age of Anxiety

Wednesday, Jan. 27 Navigating the New Teen Years in the Age of Anxiety at 7 p.m

Parenting is more difficult and complicated than it has ever been. Our kids today are psychologically and emotionally burdened by social media, unreasonable academic and social stressors, and an unprecedented stream of information. They are exposed to the harshest elements of the world much too soon. The upside is that they have a thoughtful, compassionate worldview and sense of justice that we may have lacked. The downside is that our kids are in an undue degree of psychic pain. They suffer far more anxiety, depression, attention issues, and suicidal ideation than any generation preceding them. More than ever, our kids need us to help them make sense of, and integrate, all they take in. To do that, we must know and truly understand their world. Come away with strategies to address the current needs of the New Teen.
The event will be live-streamed by the College of DuPage here.

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