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Student Science Assembly to take place during the school day.

A little more information about the PTA-supported student assembly…
It looks like magic, but it’s really science at work! In ancient times magicians wielded tremendous power in society. Of course today we realize that the mysterious world of magic is truly the fascinating world of science. All magic is comprised of illusions and the majority of illusions are based on scientific principles. Come with us on a journey of exploration into the science behind the magic!

The Magic of Science allows everyone, both in the audience and on stage, to become a magician!  Everything done in this 45-minute science assembly program looks and acts like a real magic trick. The only real trick is that everything done is science at work.

Chemistry, magnetism, optical illusions, physics, and mathematics are all demonstrated in an energetic performance perfect for students. Everything performed indeed has a scientific principle behind it – however, each of these topics will appear to the students as a challenging and astonishing magic trick. If that wasn’t cool enough…we might share with the students how to do the trick at home!
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The event is finished.

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